Co-Founder/ Content Head


Co-Founder/ Creative Head


By naming ourselves Creative Strategists, the two of us have founded this exceptional duo. In addition, we also have on board some enthusiasts who have an expertise in doing what they can best do. We love to work with innovative and budding talents. Enlighten a little about your work and be a prime part of our team.


You can make anything by writing. Well, that’s not at all a redundant quote. I strongly believe in the fact that good and impressive content is the key to any successful campaign. Not just a campaign, content is the focal point of branding and marketing as well.

My eagerness to plan and write strategically led me to co-found Good Vibes. With the idea of furnishing appropriate content for my clients, I plan to beautify the brands’ presence.

It was during my experience of working in Digital Marketing industry for few years that I got a sheer knowledge of how brands are managed on the social media arena. The flexibility to bring in new thoughts while handling a brand’s online presence kindled in me a passion to create innovation in my writing.  Now with Good Vibes, I am pretty curious to hone my skills further.

When not working, you will find me either Tweeting or shunned in some corner reading a good book while relishing a cup of coffee and some ."


I believe that with an appropriate approach of marketing combined with good resources, one can elevate their brand to any level they desire for.  Creativity and a strong sense of imagination fascinate me to the core.

My reason of co-founding Good Vibes was to come up with something very exceptional and deliver some out and out work for my clients. In addition I want to contribute for the society at large.

Before beginning this novel journey, I have spent 6 years working in an advertising industry, client servicing being my forte. During these years, I attained clear cut knowledge of what the brands are exactly in the lookout for.  Now with my own venture, I am pretty excited to step forward with my experience.

When not at work, you will find me spending time to satiate my whims of travelling and indulging in the most adventurous expedition. Let’s see where my ‘Travel Impulse’ is going to take me next.


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